A Little Introduction: The Purpose

This is my first blog. I’m saying this, not because I’m not sure how to start, but because I’m happy that it is about something that I’m truly passionate about.  I never once thought about writing a blog or even sharing my story regarding how I face #Autism in my daily life because the world is a crazy place. I wasn’t hiding my brother from the world or not claiming that he is my sibling, I love him. Matter of fact I make videos and take pictures of him on my Snapchat more than I do of myself. I just felt that our immediate world only needed to know that my brother had Autism, and only our closest people needed to know what we were going through. Throughout my life, I have met only a handful of friends that know what it is like to live with a relative with #Autism. However, each individual diagnosed with Autism is different in many ways, which I will explain at a later time, and I thought (and still think) that my scenario was one of the most severe. This is the reason that I felt that my story was not only too different, but also too much of a burden to put onto others. I didn’t want anyone feeling sorry for me or being nice to me because of our situation, so I kept most of the rough stories and hardships to myself, while always bringing up the good times. It kept life simple that way. I recently realized that sharing my story is not about letting the world know what’s going on with our life. It’s about allowing others that have a relative with Autism or deal with Autism in their daily lives know that they are not alone. That there are hardships and times where you just want to wish it all away. That there are obstacles and road blocks that will place a hold on your life. But through it all, I promise there’s more happiness, hope, and strength at the end of the tunnel that will make you a better individual overall and help you appreciate life more and more each day.

When people hear the word #Autism, some usually associate it with a childhood disorder; which is probably the reason some of you readers may be thinking my brother is a child. In reality, for 23 years I have been blessed with a brother diagnosed with Autism. Throughout this website, I will share my story in regards to how this has affected my family’s life in the past and what we look forward to in the future. Hello, my name is Richard and this is my #AutismRelative: