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Founded in 2018, we began sharing personal blogs as well as world-wide news stories that involved individuals with Autism and their families to educate those who did not understand autism and to relate with those who face autism in their daily life.

We understand that every story and circumstance is different, which is why Autism Relative advocates and shares stories for all autistic individuals and their families.

Our Mission

To raise awareness and understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in order to successfully create a supportive and inclusive world for those with Autism and their families. We do this by providing the most helpful resources & opinions, hosting community events, and, most importantly, sharing stories. 


We know that it can be a difficult journey, so we aim to encourage all individuals with autism and their families to have the strength to share their stories. In order to create a stronger community, we know it is important to educate and relate with one another.



Our Vision


Creating a better world for those with Autism and their families.

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